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Sorry. The XQuestion converter is no longer available. It has been replaced with the desktop application Question Writer


XQuestion is restricted to a subset of all available QTI 1.2 elements. It can handle multiple choice (including true/false, Lykert scale, Multiple response) and fill-in-the-blank (including text-match, open-ended) questions. Notable omissions are slider questions, drag and drop questions and ordering questions. Respondus matching questions are not currently supported. 

All files made through XQuestion are subject to the terms of the license agreement and include a XQuestion loading screen which appears for a minimum of one second. It is against the terms of the user agreement to remove or to subvert this.

All files made available through XQuestion are streaming - the style value, "flashstream" is always read as being "true".

To view a variable within text in a feedback element, the only current way is to include a variable like '$SCORE$' in the mattext. This is a limitation of QTI and additional elements may be incorporated in the future to address this.

The style 'itemvisibleinitemfeedback', used to overlay feedback on top of an item is not yet supported.

Material associated with particular <response_label> is played immediately the question is entered rather than waiting for that <response_label> to be selected.

The <other> element is loosely defined and so the behaviour of this element may not be as predicted.

Inline images are not supported. Each new image starts on a new line.

XQuestion does not add meaningful metadata to the SCORM packages.


XQuestion uses Central Question's Flaunt Technology
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