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Sorry. The XQuestion converter is no longer available. It has been replaced with the desktop application Question Writer

Known Issues

When text is selectable, URLs are not clickable.

Next/Back button flashes when clicked and the button on the subsequent page is the same as the button clicked. This represents a move from one state to another.

When including SWF files, some actionscript code can cause problems. It is recommend to avoid the following actionscript keywords in your code. with, _root.

Scrolling panes for content are only available for the presentation element. Content in scrolling panes may not be accessible for screen readers.

With very complex screen-layouts, the screen-reader may become confused about the ordering of text to read.

Minor scrollbar flash on entry to question with a scrollbar.

Respondus matching questions are currently not supported - they may be visible, but the XML for their marking is incorrect and they will not be marked correctly.

XQuestion uses Central Question's Flaunt Technology
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